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International Journal of Medicine Sciences

Vol. 1, Issue 2, Part A (2019)

Ethanol oxidation of palladium supported on TiO2Nanoparticle


Mohammed AhmedHusseinAwad, Nabil AN Alkadasi

In this paper, TONPs powder (titanium oxide nanoparticles powder) is prepared by anodization in 0.7 M HClO4is annealed in N2 at 450°C for 3 h to obtain the TONPs-N2 powder as catalyst support to which Pdis loaded by photodeposition technique using PdCl2 and isopropanol as sacrificial donor. The resulting Pd-TONPs-N2 powder catalyst exhibits high surface area of 98m2/g. The catalyst support TONPs arrays powder are electrochemically characterized in basic solution of ethanol by cyclic voltammetry (CV), and chronoamperometry measurements. Pd-TONPs-N2 powder electrode catalyst exhibits a remarkably high electrocatalytic activity and has high electrocatalytic stability for ethanol electrocatalytic oxidation reaction. Pd supported on the conductive support TONPs-N2 is used as electro catalyst in fuel cells.

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International Journal of Medicine Sciences
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Mohammed AhmedHusseinAwad, Nabil AN Alkadasi. Ethanol oxidation of palladium supported on TiO2Nanoparticle. Int. J. Med. Sci. 2019;1(2):01-08. DOI: 10.33545/26648881.2019.v1.i2a.7